Food Blog

My love for food started when I was 15. I had been dating a guy for about two months when he took me home to meet his family. His mom made homemade enchiladas verdes and it was the first time I had tried homemade food that wasn’t from my own cultures. Prior to this life-changing moment, I had survived off of microwave meals, Kraft Mac & Cheese, and the occasional Hamburger Helper when my mom felt like “cooking.” After that first bite of the delicious enchiladas verdes, I was curious about what I had been missing by being a picky and lazy eater. Meeting this guy’s mom changed my life and since then, I’ve been actively trying new foods.

My desire to try different foods became stronger when I moved to Florida in 2016 for the Disney College Program. While there, I was able to meet people from around the world and learn about their different cultures. One topic of conversation that I found to be fail-proof was food. No matter who I was talking to, food was always a great thing to bond over and I made many friends from places like Mexico, South Korea, and Brazil because of it. Some of these friends prepared a few of their favorite dishes with me and it was a great way to gain insight into their culture.

In March of 2018, I started a food account on Instagram (which is displayed in the sidebar.) I had been watching the Houston foodie community on Instagram for a while and thought joining in would be a cool way to find the newest and best places to eat. So far, I’ve met some awesome people and have had some great meals because of it. I can’t wait to see what cool places I’ll eat at next!

Click on the Google Map picture to discover some of my favorite places to eat in Houston!